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Ways To Delay Ejaculation

Many men like to last longer in bed and learn Ways to Delay Ejaculation. There are many ways to delayed ejaculation and here are 7 quick tips to keep playing while working on a long-term cure.

7 Ways To Delay Ejaculation

Delay Ejaculation Ways To Delay Ejaculation1. When you fell the desire to orgasm is about to take a deep breath really great, this is the ejaculation for a short time, continue to breathe deeply and slowly to delay ejaculation.

2. Pleasure is about 15 minutes before sex, it really makes you take about 5 to 10 minutes, but like all of the above is not a permanent cure for delayed ejaculation.

3. More of the same, the more you have sex the longer you will last, this is because you are not as excited as if you do not have sex very often.

4. Withdraw before ejaculation, but keep your partner involved with the tongue and fingers, till you feel ready to resume the performance of sexual intercourse.

5. Vary the positions used during intercourse if the woman is above, is good way likely to last longer than any other position.

6. Different styles of intercouse may help slow, if you make long strokes you will ejaculate quicker, get to the bottom and use short strokes.

7. This is not exactly a way to delay ejaculation, but good advice anyway, give your partner cunnilingus until she reach orgasm, then she would not mind much if you not last long.

To Delay Ejaculation and Have Full Control

These are great short term tips, but to delay ejaculation and have full control of premature ejaculation the Lloyd Lesters “Ejaculation By Command” a complete, step-by-step blueprint is the best option.

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